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Azure puts FortiGate's port1 to the outside subnet

When I shoot up labs with FortiGate firewalls in my local environment, I usually connect port1 to the inside because it allows access (PING, HTTP(S), SSH, FMGR) by default; in other words all the other ports are protected with factory default settings.

Route based VPN between FortiGate and strongSwan

The next chapter in my “VPN between Vendor A and Vendor B” series is about connecting a FortiGate firewall with strongSwan running on a Linux host.

Blacknurse signature for FortiGate firewalls

One laptop can take down major internet servers - says the title of a recent article on Engadget. The article refers to TDC SOC, where the attack is described.

VPN tunnels for WAN backup between FortiGate Cisco devices

This article describes how to create VPN tunnels between a FortiGate firewall and Cisco routers using Virtual Tunnel Interfaces. OSPF is being used for routing. I used an unlicensed instance of FortiGate VM in GNS3 so you can recreate the setup without any financial investment.