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I built a Stratum-1 NTP server at home

My friend Jacques surprised me with a GPS module and I made a good use of it. The components I used are: a Raspberry PI 4 (you can definitely use a v3, and probably a v2 as well), a cheap ass GPS module (less than €5) from Ali, and an optional GPS antenna, stiched to my skylight window, to get a better reception.

Seamless Gateway Migration

Migrations in data centers can be challenging, where customers, whether they are internal or external, demand zero downtime and as few disruptions as possible. On the contrary, data centers are always changing environments, where migrations are not just about simple hardware replacements.

My First Arista VXLAN EVPN Fabric

I put together my first Arista VXLAN EVPN fabric in GNS3. It is based on the Multi-Tenant EVPN VXLAN IRB Sample Configuration article @ Arista. Although there are some discrepancies (see below), it is still a very valuable source of information.

From Networking To DevOps

Probably the most common fear that people, working with networks, have when they hear about DevOps is the huge gap between a developer and themselves. This leads to the most common question: do I have to become developer to be useful in a DevOps team?

Accessing AWS console with Azure AD credentials

It is possible to use AAD as an authentication source for users accessing the AWS console. Follow the steps described here, and you won’t need to maintain two authentication sources.

Automated GNS3 testing environment

Disclaimer: This post is not about network automation for devices in a GNS3 topology. It is about automating the installation of GNS3 itself. Have you ever wanted to try the new features of GNS3 without messing up your fine-tuned production environment where you might test changes in their production network, study for an exam, or just spent too much time setting it up and don’t want to risk ruining it?