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Cheatsheet: Public Cloud VPN parameters

I recently had to do some POC’s with many public cloud providers and I needed VPN tunnels between my environment and them. The basic concept is the same but those pesky little details can cause headaches when someone’s trying to find a solution that works with all (or at least most) of the providers.

Demystifying vCloud Director VPN peer settings

At a first glance, the site to site VPN peer settings of VMware’s vCloud Director looks confusing; there’s no clear separation of the IPSec phases, some of the IKE parameters are missing, etc.

Route based VPN between FortiGate and strongSwan

The next chapter in my “VPN between Vendor A and Vendor B” series is about connecting a FortiGate firewall with strongSwan running on a Linux host.

VPN tunnel between Cisco and VyOS behind NAT

As a follow up to the VPN tunnel between Cisco and VyOS routers using VTIs post, let’s see a different scenario where the VyOS router is on a private network behind a firewall that provides NAT; for example hosted a cloud network.

VPN tunnel between Cisco and VyOS routers using VTIs

Creating VPN tunnels between different vendors is usually at the bottom of a networker’s list of desires, however sometimes it can’t be avoided. We’re connecting a Cisco router to a VyOS one, and make them exchange routing information using OSPF.

VPN tunnels for WAN backup between FortiGate Cisco devices

This article describes how to create VPN tunnels between a FortiGate firewall and Cisco routers using Virtual Tunnel Interfaces. OSPF is being used for routing. I used an unlicensed instance of FortiGate VM in GNS3 so you can recreate the setup without any financial investment.